Aluminium Billy Can 1.18L

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Billy cans (sometimes called billy tins, billy pots or simply, a billy) are lightweight cooking pots, shaped like metal buckets. These utensils are usually used outdoors, for carrying or boiling water and making tea. It's accepted that the name came from large cans that were used for transporting bouilli or bully beef on Australian ships. After transport, those large cans were modified for boiling water.

This 1.18L billy is a great size for taking along hiking or trekking. Giving outdoor enthusiasts a lightweight option for boiling water while stopping for rest. The aluminium frame is the perfect weight for those conscious of heavy gear. Billies are also great for campers, giving a convenient way of making drinks for friends and family.


  • Lightweight aluminium material
  • Screw on lid knob
  • Carrying handle 

Weight: 0.14kg
Dimensions: 15cm H x 10cm W
Volume: 1.18 litres
Material: Aluminium 
Condition: New

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