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Fantastic shelter for campers or hunters. German Army issue, designed for two people in its default form. This deal comes with two identical packages, and the shelter walls come in halves (one half per package). These halves can also be added to more than one other half. Giving this shelter the ability to become a much larger tent (like a strange German flecktarn lego set). Each package was designed to be carried separately and then to be set up together.

The packs themself comprise of one shelter half, packing bag, set of four tent poles and a tent pole bag, all wrapped in flecktarn camouflage. Very quick and easy to set up, and can be taken down hastily in an emergency. This package also has one more trick up its sleeve. The bag that houses all this lovely German gear can also be attached to one of the shelter halves to create a poncho. Truly, this is a jack of all trades. Made of windproof cotton which can be waterproofed effectively. 

Although this was designed for soldiers to carry separately and put together in pairs, you could put this together yourself with some difficulty.


  • 2 separate flecktarn bags that double as hood attachments, each containing the following:
  • 5, 28cm connectable tent poles
  • 5, 26cm tent pegs 
  • 5 pieces of varible length, plastic coated cord
  • Flecktarn bag for carrying tent pegs, poles and cord
  • 1 Flecktarn 1/2 shelter piece

Approx Dimensions:
Width - 180 cm
Height - 100 cm
Length - 190 cm (Pole to pole)

Weight: 4kg
 Used/Good (Has Small Holes in Material)

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