German M24 Replica Stick Grenade

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The model 24 "stalk hand" grenade is the iconic personal high explosive of the German soldiers from WWI until the end of WWII. Differing from other grenades with the addition of the large wooden handle, which gave it the name "stick grenade". Having this larger grip allowed for the grenade to be thrown further and stop rolling on slopes.

Having these benefits aren't really useful for this replica grenade, as it's wooden and isn't going to be exploding anytime soon. This does have the benefits of being extremely cool, though. Large size, good weight and sturdy design. A great piece to keep around the home or office. It's also a great replica for reenactments. 

Dimensions: 36cm H x 4cm W (handle) x 7cm W (Head)
Colour: Olive
Condition: New

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