German Police Leather Jacket

German Army Surplus



*The "POLIZEI" print is peelable if you use a sharp tool or scratch the surface, this has resulted in some having a faded/peeled print*

This German police jacket is loaded with quality and style. These jackets are made from very high quality leather, and are packed to the brim with character. After putting on this jacket you will instantly feel its 80's-esk style overcome your body, while the large "POLIZEI" writing on the back fills you with a sense of authority.

The jacket itself features a myriad of pockets and places of storage. There are two button up pockets on the breasts that are quite deep and feature D-rings, for attaching equipment to. Below them are two more pockets, also button up, but this time are much larger, and for general storage. A zip up pocket resides on the left shoulder and sewn to that is a three slot pen pocket. Finally, there are two very large pockets inside the jacket, that can close via a button up tab.

In addition to the stylish main zip, there is a zip for each wrist, allowing the user to fold them up on hotter days. Epaulettes also feature on each shoulder, allowing you to add rank insignia or patches, adding even more to the overall style. The inner material is extremely soft and warm, making sure you stay comfortable and temperate while looking as good as possible.


  • Genuine German police gear
  • Very high quality, thick leather
  • Two button up breast pockets, with D-rings
  • Printed "POLIZEI" on the back
  • Two large button up waist pockets
  • Left arm zip up pocket, with attached pen pocket
  • Wrist sleeve zips
  • Epaulettes on each shoulder

Sizing: Check our sizing guide, for more info on sizing (Scroll down to German jacket sizing)

Colour: Black
Condition: Used/Excellent 

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