German Flecktarn Bandanna - Used

German Army Surplus


Sometimes it can be hard to have both style and a camouflaged head, but this bandana gets rid of those problems. This beautiful bandana comes in (my personal opinion) the best camouflage of all. Flecktarn. The bandana in question has a 5 colour version of the camo, which is the most common flecktarn design. But don't believe it's just limited to giving your noggin a boost in style, this bandana has use's only limited by your imagination. You could use it as a very small cape, a mask, a napkin or maybe you want to give your granny a new head scarf. Whatever the use, this bandana will be with you 100% of the way.

Contents:  Cotton
Dimensions: 127cm L (from longest point) 52cm W (from longest point) (Triangle Design)
Pattern: Flecktarn
Condition: Used/Very Good

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