JETBeam E0 Keychain Light 50 Lumens


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The JETBeam E0 is a lightweight and compact torch designed to be attached to a key ring. This small light is an ideal every day carry item. It features varying brightness outputs between 50 Lumens and 1 Lumen. With a simple power switch, function button and micro-USB recharging, this an easy and convenient light to use.

This small companion is shock resistant (1 meter) and IPX-6 (high-pressure spray) water resistant to handle any drops or spills that may occur in every-day life. A handy piece to attach to your keys or a lanyard. Ideal for home or emergency use, including finding the TV remote under the couch.

Condition: New


Max Output: 50 Lumens
Output modes: 50 Lumen, 1 Lumen
Max Beam Distance: 15m
Material: Polymer
Length - 54.8 mm
Width - 26.1 mm
Height - 10.8 mm
Weight: 9.8g (excluding battery)
Battery: 1*100 mAh polymer lithium battery
Switch: ON/OFF power switch

Additional Features

    • ON/OFF power switch and side function button
    • Micro USB recharging
    • Max output up to 50 Lumens
    • Infinite variability between 1 and 50 Lumens
    • 15 meter beam distance
    • Run time of 80 minutes at 50 Lumens
    • Max run time of 60 hours at 1 Lumens
    • Micro USB recharging for convenient and safe use
    • Hook for key ring or lanyard attachment
    • IPX-6 waterproof (resists high-pressure, heavy sprays)
    • Impact-resistant up to 1 meter

    Max Output - 50 Lumens 80 minutes
    Min Output - 1 Lumen 60h


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