Serbian Mess Kit

Serbian Army Surplus



This nifty mess kit is made from hard wearing plastic. Genuine Serbian surplus means this is a high quality design. A canteen sits inside a shell that doubles as plastic and aluminum mess tins. The canteen comes with a small plastic lid that can also be used as a food container. This mess kit also comes with a quality material cover, which ensures your kit stays scratch free.

With this amount of versatility, any outdoor enthusiast would greatly benefit from this handy piece of gear. If you're heading out on day trips, the canteen is perfect for your water storage. For longer or overnight adventures, the whole set will provide you with all your eating and drinking needs. This is another fantastic addition to survival kits.


  • Modular design
  • Sturdy, screw top canteen
  • Aluminium and plastic mess tins
  • Quality material cover
  • Genuine Serbian surplus

Combined - 19cm H x 12cm W x 8cm D
Aluminium Cup - 10cm H x 12cm W x 8cm D 
Plastic Cup - 9cm H x 12cm W x 8cm D
Canteen - 18cm H x 11cm W x 7cm D

Weight: 0.7kg
Colour: Olive Drab
Condition: Used/Very Good

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