US II Gen. BPA Free Canteen Set


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The US Canteen generation II set includes a 1 quart (0.95 Litres) canteen, canteen pouch, stainless steel cup and a aluminium cup holder.

This Gen II canteen serves as a convenient storage option. It is suitable for the refrigerator, the microwave and is even dishwasher safe. The bottle itself is created from a material which leaves no odor or taste in your drink. Because the bottle is transparent, you can easily check the content, level and cleanliness. The cap is secured by a retaining loop.

The pouch has an insulating plush lining and can be easily mounted on your equipment (thanks to the MOLLE attachment system). The canteen cup with folding bar handles can be placed on the supplied drinking cup holder, and using a fuel pellet can be used warm or to cook food and heat water.


  • Water bottle: BPA-free plastic
  • Canteen Cover: 100% nylon
  • Canteen cup: Stainless Steel
  • Drinking cup holder: aluminium

Volume: 0.95 Litres
approx. 24cm x 16cm x 9cm


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