US Style Multicam Canteen Set




Canteens are a staple of military and outdoor gear, providing hydration for their user at any time. This fantastic set comes with a US style coyote canteen, aluminium cup and quality multicam cover, providing you with all your hydration needs. The canteen is of classic and sturdy design, the cup provides versatility while adventuring and the cover means you can always have the canteen handy.

This set is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Great for campers to have around the campsite, with the aluminium cup being used as an eating utensil or for heating liquids. For hikers and trekkers, the ability to attach this set to packs and gear is useful and could even be lifesaving. If you're on the move, like hunters, paintballers and airsofters, you'll be able to easily access this canteen for quick replenishment.


  • Faux fur internal lining
  • Nylon multicam cover
  • Water purification tablet pouch
  • Aluminium cup with butterfly handles
  • Alice clips for gear attachment
  • Screw top plastic canteen

Dimensions: 22cm H x 13cm W x 8cm D
Weight: 0.35kg 
Colour: Coyote / Multicam
Condition: New

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