West German Style BGS Camo Cap

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This cap and its camouflage are styled after the German BGS field cap. The BGS (Bundesgrenzschutz or Federal Border Guard) was the first federal police organization in Western Germany. It was then renamed to Bundespolizei (Federal Police) back in 2005. The camo pattern on this cap is Sumpftarn (swamp pattern), which is a splinter camo with brown and red splotches mixed in.

Caps are great for anyone, doing any activity in any temperature. For campers, fishermen, hikers and the like, caps work fantastically at keeping the the sun and hair out of your face, allowing you to enjoy your day out in comfort. Not only does the camo blend well with combat gear, but for hunters, target shooters, paintballers and airsofters, keeping glare out is a huge benefit.


  • Adjustable plastic strap
  • Eyelets for airflow and ventilation
  • Comfortable, lightweight design

Size: One size fits most
Weight: 0.06kg
Content: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Pattern: Sumpftarn
Condition: New

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