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Showing 1 - 48 of 106 products
U.S. G.I. P38 Can OpenerU.S. G.I. P38 Can Opener
Olive Drab CanteenOlive Drab Canteen
Mil-Tec Olive Drab Canteen
Sale price$19.50
4 reviews
In stock
Brass Spirit Burner StoveBrass Spirit Burner Stove
Spirit Burner Tripod StandSpirit Burner Tripod Stand
Stainless Steel Utensil SetStainless Steel Utensil Set
Ammo Pouch FlaskAmmo Pouch Flask
Web-Tex Ammo Pouch Flask
Sale price$25.00
No reviews
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Stainless Steel Camping MugStainless Steel Camping Mug
British 2 Piece Alloy Mess KitBritish 2 Piece Alloy Mess Kit
USGI P51 Can OpenerUSGI P51 Can Opener
Czech Army M60 CanteenCzech Army M60 Canteen
Back Country Cuisine - Adventure Ration PackBack Country Cuisine - Adventure Ration Pack
Desert Camelbak Hydration PackDesert Camelbak Hydration Pack
US Style Woodland Canteen SetUS Style Woodland Canteen Set
German Army Butter DishGerman Army Butter Dish
Ka-Bar Tactical SporkKa-Bar Tactical Spork
Ka-Bar Ka-Bar Tactical Spork
Sale price$29.50
No reviews
In stock
Water Purification Tablets
German 3-Piece Mess KitGerman 3-Piece Mess Kit
Mil-Tec German 3-Piece Mess Kit
Sale price$75.00
2 reviews
Only 3 units left
Stainless Steel Cooking SetStainless Steel Cooking Set
Mil-Tec Stainless Steel Cooking Set
Sale price$49.00
1 review
Only 2 units left
Wildo Plastic Spork
Wildo Wildo Plastic Spork
Sale price$5.50
No reviews
In stock
M84 Swiss Canteen and Cup
US Style Canteen CupUS Style Canteen Cup
Mil-Tec US Style Canteen Cup
Sale price$29.50
3 reviews
In stock
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Cartridge Thermos Flask - GreenCartridge Thermos Flask - Green
Bushtracks Cartridge Thermos Flask - Green
Sale price$25.00 Regular price$39.00
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USGI ACU Canteen PouchUSGI ACU Canteen Pouch
Back Country Cuisine - Beef TeriyakiBack Country Cuisine - Beef Teriyaki
24hr Ration Pack - 6 Pack
Army and Outdoors 24hr Ration Pack - 6 Pack
Sale price$287.00
No reviews
Only 3 units left
US Style Flecktarn Canteen SetUS Style Flecktarn Canteen Set
Mil-Tec US Style Flecktarn Canteen Set
Sale price$49.00
No reviews
Only 1 unit left
Back Country Cuisine - Roast Lamb & VegetablesBack Country Cuisine - Roast Lamb & Vegetables
Campmaster Butane Gas StoveCampmaster Butane Gas Stove
Back Country Cuisine - Honey Soy ChickenBack Country Cuisine - Honey Soy Chicken
Enamel 12 Piece Dinnerware SetEnamel 12 Piece Dinnerware Set
Mil-Tec Enamel 12 Piece Dinnerware Set
Sale price$89.00
No reviews
Only 2 units left
Back Country Cuisine - Spaghetti BolognaiseBack Country Cuisine - Spaghetti Bolognaise
British Army Osprey CanteenBritish Army Osprey Canteen
Back Country Cuisine - Thai Chicken CurryBack Country Cuisine - Thai Chicken Curry
Austrian Army 3-Piece Mess KitAustrian Army 3-Piece Mess Kit
Water Jerry Can - 10 LitreWater Jerry Can - 10 Litre
US Canteen Cup StoveUS Canteen Cup Stove

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