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Where would you be without a pair of trousers? In trouble in more ways than one. Cover up your lower half for protection, warmth, stealth and style with our range of new and used trousers. The Army and Outdoors online store offers a large range of pants to suit all situations. From genuine BDU or M65 combat trousers and simple cargo pants to hard-wearing work trousers made from heavy duty ship sail cotton. Our trousers are available in a variety of colours and camouflages such as Multicam, Woodland, A-TACS, DPM and many more. As well as genuine military surplus we also offer quality trousers from well known brands such as Tru-Spec.

  • German Army Tan Trousers QUICK VIEW German Army Tan Trousers $29.00

    German Army Tan Trousers


    The Germans are back with another high quality trouser. This pair is used by the German Army for casual use around the barracks on those hot days. It's lightweight, tropical...
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  • German Army Moleskin Trousers QUICK VIEW German Army Moleskin Trousers $99.00

    German Army Moleskin Trousers


    Saying these German army moleskin trousers are high quality and rugged doesn't do them justice. An uncommon find in today's surplus market, these often copied trousers are brand new and...
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