British Aircrew NBC Overall Inner

British Army Surplus



This British coverall inner was designed to be worn under Aircrew Overalls, giving them an extra layer of protection from hazards. Although these are dated to 1989, they're still in mint condition, as they're vacuum packed and sealed. These suits also have NBC (Or CBRN) properties, meaning they can withstand nuclear, biological and chemical hazards for long periods of time. 

Most NBC gear is impermeable, made from rubber and the like. Although this was great for keeping out hazardous materials, they were very uncomfortable. These coverall inners are injected with charcoal, meaning they can be made from a more comfortable material without losing their NBC properties.


  • Charcoal injected material¬†
  • Made to go under overalls
  • 2 Side pockets
  • Baggy elbows and knees for extra mobility
  • 2 way zipper
  • Loops at feet for hooking onto boots
  • Full NBC (CBRN) properties
  • Vacuum sealed

Size: Small (160cm)
Colour: Charcoal
Condition: New

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