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A pack of mixed military patches. These are grade 2 patches (new but defects, i.e stitching missing) but the quality can slightly vary between each pack, meaning you can still have a chance of getting some nice quality patches and insignia.

There is no other deal around where you can get this amount of patches with such interesting variation. These great patches come from all aspects of military life and from all countries. Each value pack has a fair and even mix of patches and insignia.

Fantastic pack for anyone with interest in military products, like paintballers, airsofters or reenactors. People like this will find joy out of each and every patch. Sew them onto your bags, clothing and combat gear to support your country and squadron.

Just a few types of patches in the pack:

  • US armoured division
  • Airforce, army, US marine ranks
  • US army unit patches
  • Navy ranks and ratings
  • Paratrooper insignias
  • Military air command 
  • Country flags

We have (literally) 100's of kg's and these will vary greatly, each pack is a surprise.

Please Note: This offer includes a random mix of patches and insignia. We will do our best to ensure every pack has a good mixture (we won't send you 25 of the same, for example!). Unfortunately we are unable to take requests for types of patches to be in the pack, sorry.

Condition: Used/Grade 2


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