Nomex Combat Gloves


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These gloves are designed to protect your hands in situations where heat, flames, or impact is a risk. High quality materials are used to create a robust and effective safety glove. This includes leather, DuPont's Nomex®, and EVA foam reinforced polyacrylic.

Aramid Nomex® is a flame/heat resistant material often used in firefighter's protective clothing. The leather palm offers durability and grip to confidently complete the task at hand. Further protection is added with the reinforced knuckle, using polyacrylic with EVA foam. This shields the knuckles from strikes and impacts. Securely fit the glove with the adjustable Velcro waist strap. Ideal for rough work or paintball and airsoft.


  • Heat and flame resistant Nomex construction
  • Reinforced composite knuckle shield
  • Non-slip leather palm
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist

Sizing: Glove sizes are measured by the circumference around the knuckle. For more information on glove sizes, check out our sizing guide.

Weight: 0.15kg
Content: Leather, Aramid Nomex®, EVA foam, polyacrylic
Colour: Black
Condition: New


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