Solar Powered Lantern




Light is a valuable resource when outdoors whether you're camping or on the move, this handy lantern will brighten the way. The solar powered function is the main feature of this fantastic lantern, providing an easy option for outdoor charging. If you happen to be near a power outlet, it also comes with a DC 5V charging point, lowering charging times.

With durable ABS plastic, adjustable carrying handle, high quality rechargeable battery and 5.5v solar panel makes this a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Integrated 0.4w, 5.5v solar panel
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • 0.5w LED
  • Carrying/Hanging handle
  • LED charging indicator
  • Optional DC 5v charging point
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • High quality LFP rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 22cm H x 8.5cm W x 8cm D
Charging Time: 8 Hours direct sunlight, 2-3 hours via charger
Lighting Time: 8 Hours
Weight: 0.35kg
Condition: New

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