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Whether it's a military themed party, a hunting trip or just another day on the battle field, we have the gear for the occasion. Our large range of products will keep you covered year round. From waterproof jackets and soft shells, warm parkas, combat shirts and cargo trousers, through camo T-shirts, military style shorts and thermal underwear, to wide variety of accessories such as tactical and work gloves, casual and army belts, Boonie hats, multipurpose scarves and a choice of other headwear.

  • East German Kids Singlet QUICK VIEW East German Kids Singlet $9.90

    East German Kids Singlet


    These high visibility East German singlets are quality made. They're perfect for kids sports and other physical activities. The visible yellow and red colours make it great for easily identifying...
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  • Kids MA1 Jacket with Patches QUICK VIEW Kids MA1 Jacket with Patches $75.00

    Kids MA1 Jacket with Patches


    Here we have the classic MA1 Bomber Flight Jacket, just for little people. Choose from Black or Olive Drab. Complete with various patches on the chest and arms - Note:...
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  • Kids Woodland BDU Jacket QUICK VIEW Kids Woodland BDU Jacket $59.00

    Kids Woodland BDU Jacket


    Get your kids started on the surplus path young. This fantastic military style woodland jacket is versatile and quality made. The perfect piece of clothing for young scouts, dress up...
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  • Kids Woodland BDU Trousers QUICK VIEW Kids Woodland BDU Trousers $45.00

    Kids Woodland BDU Trousers


    These kids trousers are perfect for any young outdoor enthusiast. Fantastic choice if your child is interested in paintball/airsoft, hiking, camping and any other outdoor activity. The stylish military finish,...
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  • Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt $18.50

    Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt


    These woodland style t-shirts are perfect for kids interested in the outdoors. They're stylish, comfortable and fantastic for a wide range of activities and uses. The breathable fabric makes exercising...
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