ATACS FG Boonie Hat


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The original boonie hats issued to the U.S. Army were labeled as 'Jungle Hats'. They're useful for concealing your outline and protecting against sun and rain. Australian's previously called this design of hat a 'giggle hat', although they are now more often referred to as a bush hat. This particular boonie hat features a variation of the ATACS FG camouflage. The ATACS FG pattern is most effective in temperate climates including New Zealand and parts of Australia.

For the hardcore camouflage enthusiasts out there, this boonie hat allows you to add vegetation around the foliage ring for effectively blending in to your surroundings. As with all good boonie hats, this one has ventilation holes and an adjustable chin strap. An essential hat for hunting, fishing and long days hiking in the sun.


  • Foliage ring 
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Ventilation holes on either side
  • Cotton ripstop

Sizing: Hat sizes are measured by the circumference around your head, above your ears. For more information on hat sizes, check out our sizing guide
Weight: 0.13kg
Colour: ATACS FG copy
Content: 100% Cotton
Condition: New


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