British Army 58 Webbing Set

British Army Surplus



*Colours and tones may vary. Pieces may vary in date*

The 58 pattern webbing set is the British Armed Forces replacement for the 1937 pattern set that served through the second world war and first decade of the cold war. Modular based design allows the user to organize and place gear as they see fit. It too was eventually replaced in the 90's by the current issue '95 pattern PLCE.

This webbing set features a very large pack, two large general purpose pouches, an ammo pouch, canteen pouch, utility pouch and a storage area for a poncho/sleeping bag. All of this is attached to a harness and web belt that is both adjustable and allows the pack to be released from the webbing set quickly.

If you're a hunter, paintballer or airsofter you can utilize this fantastic set for gear, ammo, and water storage while out in the field. Hikers and campers can fit everything they need for outdoor adventures into the many pouches of the set or strip it down for individual use.


  • Large backpack
  • Two large general pouches
  • Canteen pouch
  • Ammo pouch
  • Medium utility pouch
  • Harness/yoke
  • Web belt
  • Modular design
  • Genuine British surplus
Weight: 3.5kg
Colour: Olive Drab
Condition: Used/Good

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