German Navy Overcoat With Liner

German Army Surplus

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Just because it's military surplus doesn't mean it can't look good, and you'll be doing exactly that in this overcoat. But it isn't just good looks and smiles you'll be guaranteed while wearing this excellent piece of clothing, you will also be incredibly warm. With its tightly woven fabric and zip-out wool/nylon liner, no doubt you will be heated and snug. This is the perfect coat for keeping you toasty in the cold and stylish in sunlight.

The overcoat itself is a double breasted style with a row of 4 anchor insignia buttons on each side, so it's capable of being warn left or right sided. This navy coat also comes with a button on each of the shoulders for your rank patches to attach too, leaving you with an even sweeter, slicker, military look.


  • Tightly Woven, Navy Fabric
  • Gold Toned Insignia Buttons (8 on front, 2 on backstrap, 2 on shoulders)
  • Wool/Nylon zip-out Liner
  • 2 Deep Front Pockets
Sizing Information:
Height/Length: Short=160-170cm tall | Regular=170-180cm tall | Long=180-190cm tall

Colour: Navy
Condition: New

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