German Style OD Rucksack


Colour:  Olive Drab


Basically this is a normal-sized backpack, with two outer compartments and a load of loops for securing additional gear to it. The genius of it all lies (again) in German engineering - although this pack does not have a frame, A folding sleeping mat slips into a separate pouch and keeps the pack rigid and makes it really comfortable to carry (not included). This also eliminates the need to carry a traditional roll-mat outside the pack, essentially allowing more stuff to be strapped on if needed.

All buckles are freely adjustable. The side pouches are sewn on only from the sides, so carrying skis, an axe or a pick is not a problem either. The shoulder straps are padded and can be quickly tightened by pulling the loose ends. Removable waist strap included.

Although not real issue, these are almost as good and should hold up well in normal use (anything other than combat use).

Size: (Flattened) 50cm L x 33 W
Condition: New

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