NATO Style Folding Shovel




Folding shovels are some of the most useful bits of equipment to come out of the military. Designed to be compact and easy to transport while retaining versatility. This authentic copy (used by NATO countries) in particular features a triangular handle, screw-lock design, hard plastic case and metal material. 

The major benefit of this shovel is it's ability to transform 3 different ways. It's folded form allows it to be placed into it's carry case for easy transportation. The next stage transforms the shovel into a mattock-like from, that allows for vertical digging. The last form is a standard shovel, perfect for all round use. This shovel would benefit all types of outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Tri-folding design
  • Hard plastic carry case
  • Semi-serrated edge
  • Screw-lock design
  • Quality metal material
  • Authentic copy
  • Alice clip attachment case
  • Triangular handle

Case - 25cm L x 17cm W x 3cm D
Head - 21cm L x 16cm W 
Folded - 23cm L x 16cm W
Semi Folded Length - 40cm
Unfolded Length - 59.5cm

Weight: 1.1kg
Colour: Green
Condition: New

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