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  • French Diesel Tent Heater - New QUICK VIEW French Diesel Tent Heater - New $850.00 Just In

    French Diesel Tent Heater - New


    *NOTE: This item cannot be shipped overseas. The buyer must pickup via our Christchurch store or arrange custom shipping with one of our managers* For serious cold weather we couldn't...
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  • Survival Whistle Multi-Tool QUICK VIEW Survival Whistle Multi-Tool $4.50 Just In

    Survival Whistle Multi-Tool


    This handy and compact tool is actually a variety of outdoor survival tools in one simple design. When out adventuring you'll be sure to find a use from one or more...
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  • German M-65 Gas Mask - Used QUICK VIEW German M-65 Gas Mask - Used $39.00 Just In

    German M-65 Gas Mask - Used


    This is the unique and quality made German M-65 gas mask. Developed by the German company Dräger, also responsible for M-65Z (Civil Defense Version). Both of these great respiration systems are made...
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  • Czech CM-4 Gas Mask QUICK VIEW Czech CM-4 Gas Mask $39.00 Just In

    Czech CM-4 Gas Mask


    Here we have the widely used Czechoslovakian CM-4 gas mask, designed for civilians. It had a variety of modifications for civil workers, police, military, and even industrial use over it's lifespan. These advancements...
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  • Frontier Pro Water Filter QUICK VIEW Frontier Pro Water Filter $59.50

    Frontier Pro Water Filter


    An essential item for the outdoor adventurer and home survival kit. In emergencies, clean water may not always be available, which is where this fantastic piece of gear becomes a...
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  • Aquamira Water Treatment QUICK VIEW Aquamira Water Treatment $49.50

    Aquamira Water Treatment


    This Aquamira Water Treatment comes in a convenient and economical 59ml size for treating larger batches of water. Designed for treating up to 227 liters of water and smaller drums....
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  • Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch - 1000 Lm QUICK VIEW Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch - 1000 Lm Out of stock

    Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch - 1000 Lm


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    The new 'CREE XP-L HI V3 LED' technology allows the TK15 Ultimate Edt. to throw an impressive beam a distance of 325 meters, with a maximum of 1000 lumens, all...
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  • USGI MARPAT Poncho Liner QUICK VIEW USGI MARPAT Poncho Liner $49.00

    USGI MARPAT Poncho Liner


    Officially called 'Liner, Wet Weather, Poncho' but affectionately known as a 'Woobie' this is a much loved piece of kit. Made from nylon and polyester, they are durable, compact and...
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  • USMC Coyote Bivy Bag - Grade 2 QUICK VIEW USMC Coyote Bivy Bag - Grade 2 $149.00

    USMC Coyote Bivy Bag - Grade 2


    Part of the USMC 3 Season Sleep System, the 'Improved Bivy Cover' is one of the most popular components. Our grade 2 is just like the grade one except with...
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  • USMC Coyote Bivy Bag QUICK VIEW USMC Coyote Bivy Bag $249.00

    USMC Coyote Bivy Bag


    Part of the USMC 3 Season Sleep System, the 'Improved Bivy Cover' is one of the most popular components. Unfortunately the Marines are fairly rough on their gear and the...
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  • Dutch Large Compression bag QUICK VIEW Dutch Large Compression bag $19.50

    Dutch Large Compression bag


    This compression sack was originally part of the Dutch Army modular sleep system. It is a large compression bag designed to hold a summer weight plus a three season sleeping...
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  • Doan US Magnesium Firestarter QUICK VIEW Doan US Magnesium Firestarter $29.50

    Doan US Magnesium Firestarter


    The Doan Magnesium Fire Starter is a genuine Government Military Issue Fire Starter, adopted by the US Armed Forces for use in their survival kits. A simple, effective and safe...
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  • USGI Ontario Strap Cutter QUICK VIEW USGI Ontario Strap Cutter $49.00

    USGI Ontario Strap Cutter


     When it comes to survival tools, you don't want poor quality tools that break when needed most. This tool - from the respected Ontario knife Company - was originally developed...
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  • Solar Shower QUICK VIEW Solar Shower $37.50

    Solar Shower


    When you are camping away from the luxuries of hot running water - that doesn't run out after three minutes and $2 later - you may find this product quite...
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  • Flint Striker Fire Starter QUICK VIEW Flint Striker Fire Starter $24.50

    Flint Striker Fire Starter


    A great tool to add to your fire starting kit. This flint striker makes starting fires easy, in any type of weather. Any emergency kit should have multiple tools for...
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  • Daisy Slingshot Band Kit QUICK VIEW Daisy Slingshot Band Kit $16.50

    Daisy Slingshot Band Kit


    If you're an avid user of your Daisy slingshot, you may want to get one of these handy replacement bands. This quality band is recommended for the Daisy F16, B52...
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  • Large 50 Piece First Aid Kit QUICK VIEW Large 50 Piece First Aid Kit $39.50

    Large 50 Piece First Aid Kit


    Everyone can benefit from having a first aid kit stored in their home survival kit or workplace. They're packed with everything you need for minor emergencies. Inside this handy kit...
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  • XCel Trunk Shovel QUICK VIEW XCel Trunk Shovel $19.50

    XCel Trunk Shovel


    If you're looking for an all round (or square) shovel for outdoor use, these XCel shovels can both fill that hole and dig it. There middle length makes them easy to handle....
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  • Coghlan's Hand Warmer QUICK VIEW Coghlan's Hand Warmer $3.50

    Coghlan's Hand Warmer


    This disposable hand warmer is the perfect piece of gear to take with you on a cold outdoor day. Easy to use and compact enough to slip in your pockets,...
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  • Promark Sharpening Stone - 80mm QUICK VIEW Promark Sharpening Stone - 80mm $8.50

    Promark Sharpening Stone - 80mm


    Ever find yourself with a blunt blade while outdoors? make sure you can keep slicing and slashing with this fantastic sharpening stone. This combination aluminium oxide sharpening stone is easy...
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