German M-65 Gas Mask - Used

German Army Surplus



Please Note: *It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that this item complies with their regions importation policies. We may be unable to ship this item where restrictions apply e.g Australia.*

This is the unique and quality made German M-65 gas mask. Developed by the German company Dräger, also responsible for M-65Z (Civil Defense Version). Both of these great respiration systems are made for military use and still in use today for training purposes and industry use. 

One of the many fantastic features on this Bundeswehr gas mask is the high field of view triangular eye pieces with acrylic lenses that wont fog up (assuming the mask is worn properly). This is an essential component, as it gave military units an advantage in low viability areas. A five point head harness, constructed from all rubber, is very comfortable and makes up for it's slight adjustment difficulty.

This gas mask uses the standard NATO 40mm filters and is compatible with all NATO compliant filters. A nice additional feature comes in the form of a 3mm wide rubber peripheral seal which surrounds the entirety of the facepiece, which forms a better and more comfortable fit.


  • Durable design
  • High field of vision design
  • Acrylic eyepieces
  • Uses standard NATO 40mm filters
  • 5 Point adjustable head harness
  • Neck Strap
  • Genuine German surplus

Weight: approx. 0.5kg
Colour: Dark Olive Drab
Condition: Used/Good

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